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BOUJAD rugs are named after the town of ‘Bujad’ in the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco. These rugs tend to feature multi colors with beautiful geometric patterns and designs, and are said to be to most magical and mystical of Moroccan rugs that tell a tale from the lives of the women who weave them. 

Boujad rugs are hand woven pile rugs from a small region in Haouz between the Middle Atlas and the Atlantic ocean. Made by the women, these rugs play with bold strong colours - pinks, purples, oranges & reds - each piece telling a tale with the use of traditional Berber lozenges & motifs - making references to fertility, rural life, marriage, spiritual beliefs and more. 

Please note: This is a vintage item and you should expect to see evidence of wear, potentially some reparations and slight ‘imperfections’, which I believe add to the character and charm of the rug.

Size: 91 x 320 cm / 3 x 10.5 feet

100% fine wool

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Ana Kuna

A really nice rug has arrived! I am glad that the room became gorgeous at once ♪ Also, the message was kind and very reliable. If you like something, I want to buy it!


Such a beautiful rug. I've been back three times, buying a couple of rugs each time. The shop is full of stunning rugs and the owner is the sweetest person ever.

Lisa Sears

Shipping was very fast. It took less than a week to ship from the other side of the world! I’m very happy with my rug, it is STUNNING!


As beautiful as shown in the photo. It shipped immediately , with tracked soon after. Great experience!


Absolutely stunning vintage rug! It was exactly as pictured, with swift delivery. A statement piece for decades to come, we highly recommend!

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