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Why A Moroccan Rug 8x10 Should Be Your First Choice?

If you are always after vibrant colors and bright hues in the tribal patterns, it is one of the things that you can get in the Moroccan rug 8 x 10 to enhance the aura of your home. With plenty of collections and a variety of options, there’s always something for every space and for everyone.

Moroccan rug 8 x 10 may come as a surprise when you hire an interior decorator to decorate your home and he introduced you to this style statement. These Moroccan rug 8 x 10 attractive and visually engaging masterpieces set the mood and the beautiful artwork alters the personality of the owner instantly.

Depending on how you take care of these Moroccan rugs, on proper cleaning and care, they have the potential of staying years with you paying you back what they owed even without losing their charisma.

Moroccan rug 8 x 10 can be placed beautifully in any area and space of your home to alleviate the effects. We have listed down some inspirations for you in this context. Have a look.


Moroccan Rug 8 X 10 in Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is something where you relax and share memories with your partner. You want your bedroom to be the best in any way. Either it is related to interior, ornaments, colors, luxury, or carpets. You want to provide and get the comfort of heaven there. No doubt, when you put the Moroccan rug 8 x 10 in your bedroom, it not only enhances the overall look of your bedroom, but it will blend with the walls, curtains, cushions, and comforters naturally.


Moroccan Rug 8 X 10 in Your Living Room

The living room stands in the center of your house. You want it to be clean and concise in every aspect. Collaboration of the traditional Moroccan rug 8 x 10 textile with the floor cushions brings a lavish environment to your living room. Whether your preference is 100% wool or the blend of natural fibers, Moroccan rug 8 x 10 comes in a wide range of colors, textures, and patterns that will satiate all your needs.


Moroccan Rug 8 X 10 in Your Kitchen

Does your kitchen have 8 x 10 space that could easily be covered by a grey Moroccan rug 8 x 10? The appalling traffic toward the kitchen can enhance the chances of wear and tear of your flooring. There’s less chance of floor maintenance if you manage to cover your flooring with Moroccan rugs. Multiple sizes are available of Moroccan rugs at (website) and in different varieties like runners, small, and medium sizes. Hence, when selecting the piece for your kitchen, ensure that you have all the measurements and the required information about the space.

A Deeper View at the Moroccan Rug 8 X 10

Moroccan rugs are hand-woven and they have a tribal history of hundreds of years. Because of the tribal history, their rugs telltale the stories of their generations. Moroccan rugs weavers are mostly women and initially, they never thought that their work would become the first choice of interior designers as they were not supposed to be used for commercial purpose.

The tribal women hand-weave the patterns and the symbols that bring the memories of past occasions and events. Now, these Berber Moroccan rug 8 x 10 and many other Moroccan rugs are the prized entity for the whole world.

If you happen to get a Moroccan rug 8 x 10 for your home, read the instructions carefully before installing them in certain spaces. If you’d unable to do so, you may end up losing the charm and the brightness of the rug more quickly. Research a bit about the type of material you need according to your space. Find out the best Moroccan rug 8 x 10, runner or the size and material that suits your requirements.


How to Identify If Moroccan Rug 8 X 10 Is Right for You?

Whereas Moroccan rug 8 x 10 have a diversified and enough variation that ranges into multiple dimensions as well, there’s no harm in treating yourself with one. Jot down some ideas that you are looking for so that you can have the perfect one for your household.

Some details that you should consider prior to decide about your very own Moroccan rug 8 x 10 include:

  • Color
  • Pattern
  • Construction
  • Shape
  • Thickness
  • Material

Plus, if you have made your mind to get a Moroccan rug 8 x 10, then make sure that your room dimensions must be 10 x 12 feet. This is the recommended maximum size for installing a Moroccan rug 8 x 10 in a room. This is because the rug has a one-foot border at the edge of the rug and the wall.


Choosing the Impeccable Moroccan Rug 8 X 10 for Your Living Room

As mentioned before the factors that you should consider and be aware of when opting for Moroccan rug 8 x 10 for bedroom and even kitchen. But, the Moroccan rug 8 x 10 has plenty of features that make it a perfect choice for your living room. Some of them are discussed below.

Types of Moroccan Rugs

Different types of Moroccan rugs are meant to be used for different purposes. Although every type is available in a variety of colors and designs. You must have an idea beforehand about what kind of service you want to take from your carpet. Is it for the backdrop to beautify your house, is it to protect your flooring, or is it for the staircase where you want to put your rug to nullify the chances of slips and falls?

You can even choose from the middle Atlas or the central plains depending on your choice.

Quality of the Moroccan Rug 8 X 10

There’s no doubt that Moroccan rugs come in great quality and one of the finest features than the ones that are available in the market. They add an elegant yet luxurious look to your living room. Not only I living rooms, but they are also a sophisticated addition to the formal places like offices and religious spaces just because of their quality and the warmth they provide. This is because of the premium quality wool that is used in making these high-quality most-demanded crafts.

Colors and Patterns

The patterns, designs and colors matter the most when adding the style to your home is all your concern. The most beautiful part of the Moroccan rugs 8 x 10 is that they come not in just versatile range but also in appealing themes. These amazing themes provide you with the facility to decorate your room that matches the exact color.

Many Moroccan rug 8 x 10 are most aesthetic and with natural colors without any dyes so they can easily fit at any color combination. You can even choose from the themes and with the non-colored woolen Moroccan rugs.

Moroccan Rug 8 X 10 Make Your Room Spacious

Does your home have a space that’s not so wide but is empty and you want to give it a classy look that could match your style? If you choose a rug with a slightly lighter color from the walls and install it in that space, it will make the space look even bigger. It is observed that lighter colors enlarge the ambience of the room or space from its original size and make it look even bigger.

If your living room is not that large that you put a cushion around and put a furnished interior – you can easily put a lighter shade Moroccan rug 8 x 10 that will help your living room to look warm and bright. If your kids love to roll and play all day on the floor, then pick a double wool Moroccan rug in this case. Double wool Moroccan rugs are so soft and thick that they protect your pets and kids from falling and getting injuries while they play on them.



You must have gotten the idea about the quality and the authenticity of the Moroccan rug 8 x 10 and other Moroccan rug ranges. These Moroccan rugs are admired all over the world that is why they are available across the globe. Because of the high quality, elegance, and sustainability they are the first choice of many famous interior designers all over the world.

Their soft and comfy feel in every space makes the entire place glow with their charm. The collection at EttiluxHome will provide you with an esteemed variety of Moroccan rug 8 x 10 and other sizes with multiple materials and hand-stitched masterpieces which are unique and one of their kind.

You can get your Moroccan rug 8 x 10 from our EttiluxHome at even low rates than many others available in the market. You don’t need to worry when you make your purchase from EttiluxHome. It is on our top priority to satisfy our customers with the best qualities and affordable rates. Because of our traditional collection, it becomes easy for even a naïve customer to fall in love with these Moroccan rug 8 x 10 and they make them fall for them again and again.


Key Details

  • 100% Premium wool.
  • Dimensions: (10.7 x 7.8 feet) – (327 x 240 cm) 
  • Rug thickness:3 cm.
  • 100% Handwoven



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Lovely rug, good quality and and stylish

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