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Everything You Need To Know About Moroccan Rug Runner

Moroccan rugs runners are amazingly created to enhance the beauty of any space with their vibrant colors which are a wonderful asset to outline the style of the room. The Moroccan rug runners bring elegance, style, and warmth to every corner from the kitchen to the living room.

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Whether you opt for the Vintage Azilal rug or the Beni Ourain  rug runner for the narrow spaces, you would have to choose the size of the runner rug more carefully as they come in different sizes and colors according to the interior of the customer and space where the runner rugs would belong.

For this purpose, EttiluxHome has all the handmade rugs with a variety of sizes, types, styles and shapes that reflect your desire and will bring luxury to your homes. The Moroccan runner rugs are the perfect fit for the entrance and the hallways. We have collected the world’s best Moroccan runner rugs for you that will make you fall in love with them.

Let’s check out some ideas where you can put these Moroccan runner rugs and where they bring the extreme delight look and feels extra comfortable on the go. But first, what actually are Moroccan runner rugs?


What Are Runner Rugs?

So what are Moroccan runner rugs? No, don’t think like you can run on them or you can use then likewise you use doormats – however, if you have young children or teens then it might the case in some scenarios. The reason why the runner rugs are called runners is that they’re mostly placed on the ways that comparatively consist of a lot of traffic. The Moroccan runner rugs are relatively longer than usual rugs and are less wide.  They can always look great and perfectly fit the hallways.

These specific long Moroccan runner rugs are specially made to beautify special areas of your homes. They are specifically used to guide people towards a certain destination, protect your floor in the high traffic areas, and last but not least adding texture to the decoration to your overall interior.



Why Moroccan Runner Rugs Are The Most Demanded Ones?

In Morocco, we believe that the runner rugs are the most essential accessory of every home. Why do we think that? Check out the reasons below:


  1. Décor

First things first, decorating homes with runner rugs is the easiest way to add glam to a house. These Moroccan runner rugs embellish empty and narrow spaces and bring comfort and character to any room of your house. Aforementioned, runner rugs come in different forms and sizes so that you can fill in narrow spaces of your house with any size that can be selected from the widest variety of the Moroccan runner rugs collection.


The sky is the limit! If you are one of the minimalists, try flat-weaved rugs from the vintage Beni Ourain Moroccan runner rugs collection, if you like patterned rugs with smooth and soft sheepskin, then go for Azilal Moroccan runner rugs. These Moroccan runner rugs come in beautiful colors and satiate your desire of having the most artisan knowledge among the community.


  1. Stampede Areas

Another reason why everyone should have Moroccan runner rugs is that they are so adjustable in area of the room or even the whole house. It also is cost-effective as it saves your wear and tear expenses by protecting your floors from getting damaged in high traffic areas. As we all are having our kids at our homes and till when they will be learning from home, it cannot be foreseen. And kids are home that means messing up things, yelling here and there and lots of fun. In these scenarios, you really don’t want to increase your expanse, don’t you?

Grab your Moroccan runner rugs masterpiece from EttiluxHome and start making your hallways loved by all.




  1. Purpose Of The Rugs

Making lines or arrows on the roads often lead us to certain destinations. But these arrows are not meant to be drawn on your home. The useful purpose of the Moroccan runner rugs links to the designated areas of your home that takes you to the place where someone or something could be waiting for your guests.

So it’s better to guide your guests with colorful and mesmerizing vintage Azilal runner rugs in an artisan way – of course, it would be a better host than any person.


Best Ideas to Place Your Moroccan Runner Rugs 

So you must have an idea now why it is important to have runner rugs. Now let’s find out where they can be placed to have a more furnished look.


  1. Staircases

In case you have a hardwood staircase, then runner rugs are one of the must-have material that you should put on your staircase. Hardwood staircases are luxurious and classy, but they can be slippery as well once you walk with socks on! You better watch!!

To shun the possibilities of slips and falls especially if your kids are restless – roll down the Moroccan runner rug on your staircase. It will not only protect them from falling down but will also reduce those annoying and loud rushing footsteps noises.


  1. Hallways

The most prominent place to put your runner rug is the hallway. They are those long galleries and narrow corridors that lead us to the next room or another destination. Because the Moroccan runner rugs are so soft and are bendable so that they can easily be turned to fix narrow ways where your guests have to take turns.

How about a knotted and beautifully patterned Moroccan runner rug for alleviating the allure of your house?


  1. Kitchen

You must believe – that rugs in the kitchen have become the trendiest thing in the new interior designs. Just try placing a smaller sized runner rug between your Island and the cabinet and witness the transformation!

Try placing them close to your sink, so you can enjoy the softness under your feet, especially in the winters – no need to run for the socks while you walk on those cold dreadful tiles. You could actually start enjoying doing the dishes now.


What needs to consider when picking the right Moroccan runner rug for your home



The Moroccan runner rug style that best suit your home décor depends on a number of things such as the color of your room, the interior, and the overall look. A beautiful colorful Beni ourain runner rugs are something that fits every interior because of their exotic feel and vintage look.



Since the Moroccan runner rugs are placed mostly at the high traffic areas – so it’s kind of a necessary thing to think about the material of the rug. A number of contemporary designs and durable rugs are easily available in the market, but you need to see that the material you are opting for in your heavy traffic areas can handle the pressure and resist the damages when pets, guests, and children walk on them multiple times a day.

Selecting the woolen and hand-knitted runner rug should be on the top of your priority to explore the durability and the simplicity of the rug which can be only promised by the Moroccan runner rugs.




 As you already know that rugs (either runner, wedding, tent rugs, blankets, or mats) come in different sizes, forms, and textures. Deciding the right texture that meets your needs of the runner rugs is as important as choosing what comforts you the most. That all will be unfold only when you specifically know what kind of runner rugs you need for the space in your mind.

Keeping comfort in mind is also important as you priorities the style and the material of the rug. Are you seeking the runner rug that fit all your needs and stays with you till the maximum time while keeping your floor from getting damaged? Then we bet Vintage Azilal runner rugs would be your last stop.



From hallways to the staircase, runner rugs cover a large area of your house. So, looking for the right choice of colors is also very important. The color selection for the runner rugs greatly depends on how you want to blend the interior colors, wall color, and everything that holds a space in your home or room. Also, what feelings you want to convey from your space and that directly reflects your artistic imagination.

If we specifically talk about colors, then the entryways might demands the darker shades of the rugs because of the high traffic and so as for staircases.


How to get the customized Moroccan runner rugs 

Taking all the mentioned ideas and tips into consideration beforehand would save a lot of your time in picking the right Moroccan runner rug from a great collection. Looking for the perfect rugs that become your style statement? 

Look no further, as we have heard all your concerns and brought the finest picks from the tribal areas of Morocco. Explore our sections to find out the perfect choice for your home in this festive season!

100% wool Dimensions : (2.2 x 9.5 feet) (70 cm x 290 cm)

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Natale olsen

I love, love, love this rug! It is a true work of folk art in terms of the weave, material and design. Most of the colors shown in the photographs are accurate except the blue; it is a definite turquoise which is fine. the team shipped my rug right after I purchased it, sending it via FEDEX so I received it within a 3 days of having purchased it.

Kate Lockamy

exactly what i wanted and it got here super fast too surprisingly since it’s so close to the holidays, looks amazing in my bedroom and would definitely order from this website again!

alysia arsenault

Very VERY happy with my Rug. Better then I expected. Highly recommended !

Ana Kuna

A really nice rug has arrived! I am glad that the room became gorgeous at once ♪ Also, the message was kind and very reliable. If you like something, I want to buy it!


Such a beautiful rug. I've been back three times, buying a couple of rugs each time. The shop is full of stunning rugs and the owner is the sweetest person ever.

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