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Redesign your home with Red Moroccan rugs

There’s a lot of things to consider when you need to decorate your home for the first time or if you want to redecorate your home for the upcoming festive season. Especially colors. On imagining the end result of your post decorated room, what you think next after the color of the walls? Rug?

Of course – the rug plays an important part in reinventing the feel of your room, either doing it for the first time or whatsoever. The right material and the color of the rug naturally fits with every corner of your room and tie all the decorative elements together and provide your room with a uniform look.

If you are ready to incorporate bold colors in your room, then I would suggest a red Moroccan rug that comprises its individual designs and delivers the meanings to its connected spaces. Red Moroccan rugs are a great deal to add glam to your house and pull out cozy insulations under your feet.

When we see something red, our pituitary gland tells us the color red and start resembling things that first comes into the mind saying red. Red often symbolizes joy and happiness. Red Moroccan rugs like the ones that are attached below provide romantic sensations and warmth as they are inviting to the calm aura of the space.

Burgundy tones that are often used in Moroccan rugs with dark colors are the reflection of dignity, elegance, and maturity – while opulent, plush, rich, grand are some of the burgundy tones.

If the color of the rugs is chosen adequately, they can anchor over your interior design schemes and incorporate the elements to create a welcoming, attractive, and comfortable space.

In this scenario, where you want to keep the entire look to be rejuvenated with some accurate colors, you may not need to make purchases and regret later. And why would someone make such mistakes?

In the next portion of this article, we will cover some mistakes that people usually make while opting color for their homes. Let’s hop over them.


Mistake 1: Choosing a small rug

It’s normal and obvious to get attracted towards the smaller rugs that’s because they are much cheaper and oftentimes it becomes impossible to judge the size of the rug when you just have the idea of the space, not accurate measurements.

Suppose, you have taken a smaller rug and it doesn’t fit best with the entire look of the room, then your room will eventually going to look smaller due to a smaller rug than its actual size. Plus, your design scheme will appear to be misallocated and the furniture may also look awkwardly positioned. It is better to remain mindful when choosing the size of the rugs.



Before you opt to buy a new rug, take measurements of every corner where you plan to put your rugs and the furniture as well. There’s not a rule of thumb that determines the size of the rug that compensate for the requirements but it should balance the room and furniture proportionately. Experiment with the sizes of the Red Moroccan rugs or the type of rug that you want to put in your room and enhance up a personal blaze.

If it’s too late for this solution and you already have made your purchase of a smaller rug, then what you can do is to layer the smaller rug onto the larger sisal or a neutral jute rug, be cautious about the colors you choose for the purpose.

The sisal or the jute rugs are cheaper than these Moroccan rugs and can complement your smaller rug without hitting the big money.


Mistake # 2: Keep it on the safe side

A uniquely patterned red Moroccan rug alleviates the originality of your home. Red Moroccan rugs are a fantastic way to demonstrate your personality, style and creativity along with their vibrant hues.  If you think that they will err at the neutrality of the rug, then it will wash out the entire feel of your room.

You can also try patterned and two-toned geometric shaped rugs or the different variations of the colors and sizes that will blend completely with the interior of your room.

It’s common to be hesitant while constituting a purchase for patterned designs in rugs, but there are plentiful benefits of stepping out from your comfy zone and try something that you haven’t been tried before.

Patterns in a rug establish a visual attraction in your room and guide you to set your room along with it using color themes and schemes. Don’t hinder your feeling when your space demands more vibrant colors in order to add a furnished interior.


The best option to shun any possibility to get the wrong size or the color of your rugs and carpets is an appointment with a professional flooring specialist. If you want us EttiluxHome to create a custom made Red Moroccan rug for your space, simply bring the measurements and the inspiration for your rug and leave it to us then. Our experts will take your recommendations on and work to deliver in the best way we can.


Mistake #3: Leaving the rug as the last option

People often think while redecorating their rooms that choosing the rug in the last will benefit them as it will match it according to the rest of the accessories in the room. A rug must be selected in the first place when enhances the feel of a space is all your concern. It will also set the theme itself for the interior or furniture that you may need for space.

The overall color combination of your space can be reimagined by just putting the right rug initially. If you put the selection of a rug as the last option, you may have to wander around many souks to get the rug which goes along with every accessory you put in the space, say it curtain, furniture, paintings, ornaments, etc.



Consider a simple and whole new view or approach to reinvent your place. Putting the rug at first will give you the freedom to organize your space in a more targeted direction instead of designing rugs according to accessories, take the rug and contrast things accordingly.


Mistake #4: Allowing your rug to slide

When the rugs are placed on the hard floors, they keep on sliding all through the day if the flooring is smooth and even. The risk of sliding can harm anyone from your family and tend to damage your marble flooring or the smooth wooden flooring with scratches. Plus, it can also reduce the lifespan of the rug.



You may have to keep an anti-slippery mat or underlay material for your carpet or rug that would prevent your rug from slipping and save your family from getting hurt. For this, rug grippers that are made from 100 percent PVC material available in different sizes offering the safest area that fits under every kind of rugs.


Mistake #5: Stain resistance technology

You also need to consider the ones who live in your house, what kind of material would work for your house and what best suits your lifestyle. Selecting colors that blemishes easily will only put heavy loads on your pocket as they need to be cleaned regularly from the professionals especially when you have kids and pets at your home running and jumping around the house.





For this, red Moroccan rugs are the perfect match. These dark-colored rugs are stain friendly and the black colored embroidered pieces will allow you to have them in your home at any space, because stains and the dirt are not visible on them clearly.



Last Words

Now that you are aware of the reason why many of us makes mistake in purchasing the right rug for our homes and why these rugs are important to be taken care of. Adhering to some recommendations mentioned above you can easily select your perfect rug from the variety of options in the collection available at EttiluxHome.

We work in delivering the best material according to the needs of our customers. No matter what size you want what kind of rug you want, we have everything that you may need to redecorate your home. Say it colorful Moroccan rugs, runner rugs, 8 x 10 Moroccan rugs, and so on.

If you have selected your masterpiece online, then to avoid the possibilities to get scammed online make sure to review everything before making your purchase.

Asked in details about the price, images, and the size of the rugs or the underlays. Avoid purchasing from the online stores that make excuses in showing the original images or the product even after asking. They may deliver the rug that was not shown initially or it may have a defect.

Explore the website to have a clearer look at the material and the type we deliver. Also, have a look at our review section to know the satisfaction and bond we create with our customers.

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Natale olsen

I love, love, love this rug! It is a true work of folk art in terms of the weave, material and design. Most of the colors shown in the photographs are accurate except the blue; it is a definite turquoise which is fine. the team shipped my rug right after I purchased it, sending it via FEDEX so I received it within a 3 days of having purchased it.

Kate Lockamy

exactly what i wanted and it got here super fast too surprisingly since it’s so close to the holidays, looks amazing in my bedroom and would definitely order from this website again!

alysia arsenault

Very VERY happy with my Rug. Better then I expected. Highly recommended !

Ana Kuna

A really nice rug has arrived! I am glad that the room became gorgeous at once ♪ Also, the message was kind and very reliable. If you like something, I want to buy it!


Such a beautiful rug. I've been back three times, buying a couple of rugs each time. The shop is full of stunning rugs and the owner is the sweetest person ever.

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