Moroccan rugs have gained the popularity in past few years drastically from their plush textures, embracing colors, geometric patterns and earthen tones. With all these fantabulous artworks, whenever we say about Moroccan rugs, the only image that comes to our mind is the same you are imagining right now. 

A highly recognized and demanded design that is actually a tribal rug that leaves behind all the urban city rugs. So you want to buy Azilal rugs and want to know where to start so it’s a good idea to have an idea of what you are really want to get prior to step into the shop that’s overloaded with stuff.

How are you going to make your perfect purchase of Azilal rugs? At first, you may wonder roaming around the streets of Azilal, Morocco shops, looking at the rugs hanging all over the walls, that how come they be soft and smooth?

That’s because they are made from 100% sheep wool mixed with cotton. While touching these rugs you could feel the sensation of the homeland and the traditional artwork of the craftswomen of Azilal, who have spent their lives making and crafting the wonders at their homes and at the places devoted to the creation of rugs.

The making of the Azilal rugs is still related to the skills of the tribal women of the Berber tribes of Morocco. When these craftswomen weave rugs for household purpose, it allows them to be creative and flow with deep thoughts, ideas and intuitions.

The powerful and artistic expressions of the Azilal Berber women, visible on the carpets and rugs floods each living room with the aura and exceptional environs that develop the uniqueness of the interior.

The horizontally woven lines of grids and knots make them recognizable. The fibers of a relatively short carpet make Azilal rugs less dense than Beni Ourain rugs without compromising on the comfort and softness.

The pieces that are trading in the classic market of Azilal, stands out spontaneously by Berber’s women by giving them finishing touches. To gain the silky and honeyed texture on the rugs, they are made from cotton purely. As you have noticed now that to make quality and rare designs on the Azilal rugs requires years of hard work and commitment. So purchasing an exceptional piece of artwork would definitely add luxury to your home.

You must look at your budget as well. The most authentic Azilal rugs often come in different price ranges and of course that brings changes in the size of the rugs as well. So if you have selected the perfect rug for yourself, keep the space in mind in which you are going to use it.

Whether you are purchasing an Azilal rug for hanging it on your doors, you are intended to make your walls covered from them as a decorative element, or just need to cover your floor to flaunt your precious purchase – it will embellish the overall interior decoration.