Traditional Moroccan rugs bring an exotic touch to your house. Traditional Boujad rugs are available in many varieties, colors, and textures that exhibits the culture and the tribal elements of the Boujad tribe from all over the Atlas Mountain tribal areas.

The cultural patterns and designs of the Boujad rugs reflect the bold contrast to the metal, glass, and wood and found for contemporary home decors. There can be many reasons that you should make a purchase this time for Boujad rugs. Why should you that? Read on.

Having a hand-woven Boujad Rug means to be a part of the Boujad Berber tribe. These rugs have been made spending months and years putting a lot of efforts by the craftswomen of the tribe use the same traditional techniques which have been passed over from many generations for making a rug.

The traditional Boujad rugs have been sold and trade by the Berber tribe from immemorial times while having a nomadic lifestyle. While we mention the nomadic lifestyle that means that they have spent their lives travelling behind their herdsof goats, camels, and sheep across the Atlas Mountains in search ofa reason to survive.

Berber culture is more likely pictorial which can be witnessed through their rugs. The rugs show the struggle of survival which is not far from their mind. Their hand-woven work on the rugs shows what they have been through and what they wish for the survival of their lives.

The Boujad rugs practically represent the practices of the tribe. It delivers the warmth that should be given to any guest and hold the core values of the culture and the creator’s desires.

So when you purchase a Boujad rug, the charm of the rug passes on to its owner. Likewise, a warmth that you get from a blanket in winters that inspires you, cuddles you, and provides you with complete comfort, so do the Boujad rugs.

Boujad rugs can be found in multiple colors and texture. They are mostly found in red, blue, orange, black, and darker shades on the base of white and milky cream as the world’s finest and softest wool is gathered from the camels to make the rugs more authentic and contented. 

The geometrical designs of the rugs take pride in conveying the purpose of the lives of Boujad people and identities that are emerged in traditions and values.

The Boujad rugs keep sending you the messages of being your own kind, tell you stories of its tribe and keep you engage in its comfy covering. You might happen to purchase the rug for your home or your family, but the Boujad rug will welcome your guests as your pride purchase.

The inviting warmth will put up an amazing coziness to your room, like you may have to find the hidden meaning of your life.

We encourage you to make purchases for Boujad rugs and help them in surviving and get the essentials of living like manufactured goods, cooking stoves, and other necessities of lives.