Beni Ourain Rugs feels and looks amazing in every interior. These rugs are so popular because of old tribal tradition, and that’s not all, there is so much about the Beni Ourain Rugs that should be loved. Besides, the story and history behind these ever-loved rugs that rejuvenate the authentic feel and add up stimulating sensations into your home.

The history of the Beni Ourain rugs began dates back from the Middle Atlas Mountain of Taza, Morocco. The inhabitants of the region, Beni Ourain – is known for the amazing quality of sheep, that produce the luxurious and the best wool that is hard to find in the whole world because of its incredibly smooth and soft texture.

The wool is used to weave rugs by the tribal women of Beni Ourain for beds and blankets. These hand-woven rugs represent their stories and life events by flowing designs and symbols of their ancestors. Since then, it becomes popular with the name Beni Ourain rugs. So it’s obvious that every two rugs are different from one another due to the uniqueness of art and beautifully crafted stories through symbols.

Beni ourain tribe makes the rugs from the shorn of the wool called, live-wool instead of killing their sheep and then take wool from their skin. The shaggy pile is the main characteristic of the Beni Ourain rug that makes it cozy underfeet which is the reason behind its high demand during the winter.

These rugs are so thick and comfortable that if you keep your young children on them to play they will love the smoothness and pleasant texture of these durable and lasting rugs.

Beniourain rugs are thought to be the most prestigious rugs around the world that offer warmth in the winter season and the fine soft wool provides a cozy atmosphere with every changing season.

The heirloom product is made from 100% sheep wool and is the epitome of luxury and comfort. You may experience the large geometric diagonal shapes in dark brown, black and red colors on the white and creamy base, which keeps the simplicity and represent the pureness of thoughts that tribal women share through their artistic symphonies.

Most of the Beni Ourain rugs that are vintage and from the twentiethcentury are more difficult to comprehend and it’s near to impossible to uncover the hidden story behind them. The older the supple and softer texture of the rugs are more expensive than the newer and commercially produced ones.

The old rugs with minimal diagonal lines are perfect for the neat and finished appearance of your hall, office, or every visible surrounding. Beni Ourain rugs have always been in a definite shape and have never been found larger than 7feet. This is primarily because of the nomadic nature of the tribe that demands to keep thing portable.


However, the Beni Ourain have the oldest tradition, but the rugs meet remarkably to the modern folklore as well.