Versatile and coherent White and Black Rugs blends with every interior style

If you always seek ideas for your home décor, trust us Instagram will give you loads of ideas and will come in handy in populating many other ideas apart from decorating as well. People tag and share amazing accounts upload incredible designs, trending colors, products and inspirations.

The household accessory that brought storm on every social media channel and is spotted by many other style icons and interior enthusiast is the black rugs from Morocco, and especially the Moroccan White and Black Rug. These Moroccan rugs depict stylish diamond and criss-cross designs and can blend easily with many different interior decorations.

Many fashion experts and interior designers second the voice and approved the monochromatic style which eventually feels like creating the illusion of space.


Let’s talk about how these Authentic Moroccan Rugs provide the character to space and what price tag they have commonly in many stores.

The authentic Moroccan white and black rugs with black diamond lines featuring Beni Ourain Rug can cost up to $125 each with an average medium size which can be perfect for small spaces or to cover the floor under bedding. Beni carpets are as always beautifully handcrafted with sheep wool which looks and feels amazing every time you touch them.

However, many other designs in the same cream-based black geometric lines patterns are available online on the same link attached above which are extensively affordable and one of a kind.


A  Moroccan White and Black Rug with checkered patterns in one of the trendy item of the store which can be added to any space because of its contemporary design which looks fabulous at every corner of the space. It is available at on much affordable price of $350 at the store and many of the minimalist rugs with vintage appearance can be found in the same woolen material to add the traditional effect at any room.


Because of many reasons, one may want to shop your Moroccan white and black rug online. For this, remember these tips prior to making your purchase.

  • Pay close attention to rug size. Make sure what dimensions you are being satisfied with, will be the same when you receive them. A lot of time when there’s a dimension mention under the specification section of the rug, they mostly are written in U.S. standards, others may follow different measurements.
  • Aware of the sellers who do not show the real images of the rug and shows images that are not prominently focused on the rugs but the interior or accessory.
  • While you know that the beauty of the authentic vintage rug is in the imperfections of the rug, but since you want it, make sure the rug is still in good condition.
  • Ask the seller if the rug is hand-woven or commercially created. It may not make much difference for you if you are not interested in real Moroccan rugs. But if you are looking for the Berber style intricate design with patterns that tells stories, it’s a valid question to ask for.