People often find it daunting to wash Moroccan Wool Rugs because they are afraid that they will lose their plush softness and the originality with its elegance. Well, it may come as a surprise to you that as far as you have a classic Authentic Berber Carpet, there will be no such case.

The Original Authentic Berber Carpets are easily washable, you may need to keep just a little extra care while cleaning or washing your Moroccan wool rug and you are good to go. If you are looking for how to clean Moroccan wool rugs, then this time, we have your back. Hover over some useful tips to clean your Moroccan wool rugs.


  • Get a clean area to wash your rug:

To start with your cleaning journey, you have to make sure that the area where you wash your rug is clean. Splash a bucket of water to ensure there’s no dust or dirt at the place.


  • Prepare the rug:

Before you put your rug on this wet surface, bring out all the dirt and dust from your rug, so it could not melt with the water and stick on the base of the rug. You can do this by putting the rug on a rope and beat it hard until all the dirt and dust comes out from it. This will help the dirt to come out as much as it can and prepare the rug for a good wash.


  • Wet the rug:

In the next step, you need to bring your rug from the rope to the area you prepared earlier and put plenty of water on the rug to make it completely wet. Next, bring Ariel or tide to wash your rug as both detergents are considered to be the safest and harmless compounds for washing the rug. Take out the detergent as needed and sprinkle it on the wet rug and scrub it to make a thick layers of foam.

Don’t use any scrubber or brush on your rug, keep rubbing it with your hands. If you need a brush to remove stains and food residues, then use a brush with soft bristles. Once you are done with the cleaning wash it off with plenty of water until all the foam is wiped off from the surface and the base. Give extra attention to your rug if it has tassels as they can easily tangle together and eventually it becomes hard to untangle them.




  • Downy therapy:

If you want your Wool Rug to be extra soft and smooth, sprinkle some of the downy powder. Rub it onto the surface of your atlas rug and rinse it off. After the application of powder and the detergent use a little more water to make sure every chemical that has been used are rinsed off completely.

Keep your Berber Rug under the sun now, to dry your rug fast machine dryer is certainly not recommended as the fragrance may not leave the rug and it may remain saggy.

Hence, you get a clean Moroccan Wool Rug with all its natural and luxurious appearance.