If you love Moroccan Poufs around your home, then it’s a must that you have some of them. They are quite comfortable and chic to add character to your room. If you own more than one Moroccan poufs at your home, then you may be wondering how to clean a Moroccan pouf and how to take care of them to keep them new always.

If you are seeking answers for that, you have landed on the right place. Today in this post, we will let you know some easy and simple steps by which you can easily clean your Moroccan poufs and will take care of them in no time.


Ways to keep your Moroccan Poufs clean

The great thing about these household accessories is that they stay with you for a longer period without attracting your attention for an entire clean up session. Although, it does not mean that you ignore the session when they really want a good wash. Either you want to use your Moroccan pouf as a footstool, for extra seating, or as a mini table – these tips will help you in cleaning and taking care of your Moroccan Poufs to keep it with you for years to come.


Simple steps in cleaning a Moroccan Pouf

  • It is necessary not to use any other material than the microfiber cloth to wipe out the dirt or dust from the pouf. Other than cloth, use vacuum along with a soft brush timely to avoid the poufs become greasy.
  • Try to wipe off the spills like juice, water, and ketchup from the pouf immediately so they don’t leave their mark on your pouf. Use the same soft microfiber cloth to do so.
  • When you encounter any sticky residue on your pouf use an eraser. If this doesn’t work, then go to local pressing with your Leather Moroccan Pouf and ask them for a leather friendly product to remove the residue.
  • Before you use any product on your Moroccan Pouf, make sure to use it somewhere on the pouf which is not visible, like the bottom of it. If the product is leather friendly and doesn’t show any reaction, it can be used safely. Keep in mind to read the instructions written on the product to avoid any regret later.
  • It is also important to use a leather conditioner twice or thrice a year to keep your Pouf supple and soft throughout the year.
  • Another way to keep your leather free from scars is to keep it away from your pets especially from the top of it. It is also recommended to take out your shoes if you’re using your pouf as a footstool
  • Avoid using harsh scrubs and detergents on your pouf, it will leave damaging scratches that will be lasting on your pouf. These scratches will be impossible to remove later.


Cleaning your Moroccan Leather Poufs can be daunting if you don’t act instantly when they need it. How to clean a Moroccan Pouf – now you know.