There’s no doubt that the Moroccan poufs appear to be naturally amazing, no matter where you have placed them. With mesmerizing and bright colors, cozy, and soft textures they provide a traditional yet unique touch to every space.

Plus, a complete relaxing tools to make you feel comfortable when you come home after a long tiring day.

Moroccan Leather Poufs are undeniably a perfect addition to every space either bedroom or living room. It will be much easier for you if you know the types of Moroccan leather poufs when you decide to decorate your home with something unique and affordable. The more you know about the Moroccan poufs, the more it will be easier to enhance the aura of your space with the right type of Moroccan poufs.

These poufs come with the ability to decorate your homes with a lot of different sizes, fabrics, and colors. Either you want a Moroccan pillow to put under your feet or you just need to put some extra seating tools in your living room – one of the kinds we have discussed below will definitely work for you.  But first, let see what Moroccan pouf is and how to use them in an everyday setting.


What is a Moroccan Pouf?

Moroccan poufs add up the ultimate beauty in your home while being the most functional tool for your living room. The firm and round or square area of the pouf provides an excellent place to sit and rest at any time of the day.

According to the Moroccan tradition, the poufs are filled with camel hair which provides them with a soft comfortable shape with a terrific density. Although not every Moroccan poufs which are pre-filled will might be filled with the hair they may have used other materials like polyester balls or newspapers as camel hair is not a very common resource.

Often times, the poufs are empty when you purchase them and you have to stuff them on your own. In case, you bought a Moroccan pouf that is empty and you want to stuff it, then you have multiple options for stuffing as it is not easy to access camel hair normally.

This can be done through any sort of thing you may have in your home according to the comfort you want to get. This includes clothes out of fashion, that isn’t used, not in a season, old baby clothes, newspapers, old jeans, and anything you deem fit to hide away from the front.

Whatever material you are stuffing in your pouf, make sure that you stuff it as possible as it can. If you leave spaces, it may affect the appearance of the pouf and partially stuffed poufs do not hold the comfortable structure as you want them to be.




How Moroccan Poufs can be used?

There are plenty of ways that Moroccan poufs can be used in your households. Once you know them, you can’t resist having more of them for your living room as they come incredibly handy if you have them around. Try any or all of these useful suggestions and let us know which one suits the best for your Moroccan pouf.

  • Additional seating:

 Try a Moroccan pouf if you don’t want to stack up a lot of furniture in your living room. These Moroccan poufs do not hold a lot of space but provide you with the comfort of many in just a piece. After you use them, you can easily tuck them up underneath your center table and you are good to go with the remaining place.


  • Enhances the personality of the room:

Moroccan poufs stand out in the millions due to the additional beauty that they provide to elevate the character of the room. Add a Moroccan pouf to your living room to have a pop of color and as a gorgeous decoration piece.

  • Footrest:

Grab it under your feet, especially if you have old age people in your home and they want comfort under their feet. It will be a great addition that makes them super satisfied with your trendy collection.

  • Mini Table:

Moroccan poufs can be used as a mini table when your kids love to have snacks while watching cartoons lying on the floor.

  • Stool:

On changing the bulb of your store or to have something that you could not reach on an upper shelf, use a Moroccan pouf as a stool. But be careful, they are soft


Types of Moroccan Poufs

Moroccan leather poufs come in a variety of styles and they are often giant seats made with high-quality leather. They are known for their beautiful and bold styles and designs. Many of the home décor stores in the African country and beyond, sell nothing but the Moroccan poufs and Moroccan themed based items. At these stores, the Moroccan poufs are one of the commonest items that are being sold.

If you are interested in the eccentric, eclectic and boho décor styles, then you may have often discovered Moroccan poufs before. Different styles of Moroccan poufs are there you may have seen floating around, but the one which is most admired and most sought after poufs contain the Berber-styled poufs. These poufs add an exotic flair to your living room in a whole new way.

  • Moroccan Round Leather Poufs

Moroccan poufs are all about comfort and style. They come with a purpose to provide a comfy place to sit along with the rich traditional culture of the Moroccan tribe. Either traditional or contemporary, Moroccan round leather poufs are particularly designed to blend with any type of interior. These brown leather Moroccan poufs are one of the commonly used poufs in many countries and come in a variety of sizes and colors to give you a unique accessory to add to your homes.


  • Moroccan Kilim poufs

Whenever you think to enhance the existing style of the room that probably your furniture isn’t doing for your space, then this is the time when Moroccan kilim poufs come in. These versatile and Vintage Kilim Poufs are incredibly unique due to their multipurpose functionality. They can be used as a wonderful seating tool, a fun footstool, a gorgeous pillow or cushion for your existing furniture, a colorful seat, and the perfect colorful decorative item to provide your home with a stylish warmth.


  • Moroccan Boucherouite Poufs

Boucherouite Poufs are amazing and are handmade, stylish, and comfortable. Add a Moroccan Boucherouite Pouf toyour interior and have your guests notice the unique discovery you have added to your home. This beautiful Moroccan Boucherouite Pouf is always admired and is famous for its beautiful and lovely crafts and colors. People say that those houses that have the Moroccan poufs are the safest and luckiest to have them as they keep the bad spirits away. With this artistic Moroccan tradition, you can have the ultimate beauty of a Moroccan pouf.


  • Beni Ourain Moroccan Poufs

Beni Ourain Authentic Moroccan Poufs and Rugs are the ones which is Morocco is the most famous about. They are purely hand woven in the Atlas Mountains (around Khemissat and Marrakech). The Moroccan Beni Ourain poufs are made from the same technique as the Moroccan Beni Ourain Rugs are made. And many times they are made out of the Beni Ourain rugs with 100% sheep wool with beautiful patterns.

If you are looking to provide the bohemian décor to your home, then this is the only choice that you should make. Beni ourain poufs make your space comfortable and warm with their custom made designs and vibrant colors.


The types that are mentioned above are the Moroccan poufs which are famous for their regional specialties. There are some more Moroccan Poufs that are available in the market that are style-oriented and based on personalized needs.



  • Moroccan Square Leather Poufs

If you desire to bring a dash of glamour and style to your living or bedroom, then squared Moroccan leather poufs would be the only accessory that you should chase upon. It creates an exotic luxury style to any space that they are added to. They are the fashionable globe of luxury that every piece of furniture desire today.


  • Moroccan Round Rattan Pouf

Another Multifunctional Moroccan Pouf with a round seating area and with a stylish vintage look can be a great addition to a modern accessory to your home.  The Moroccan Round Poufs do not only provide you with the functionality but with the more versatile appearance that you would love to have in the middle of the living room. Not just in the living room, they are a great addition to your outdoor gatherings that are usually in the evenings. As well as the ideal household accessory to decorate your chic vibe of the place.


  • Moroccan XL Leather Pouf

Moroccan poufs have been around for several years but their popularity has been instantly raised within few last decades when they were noticed by the interior decorators due to their exotic colors and beautiful designs. The Extra-Large Leather Poufs from Morocco can be used along with the dinner table when you need to do extra seating arrangements when your company come over.




 History of the Moroccan Poufs

From the centuries back, Moroccan Poufs have a history to share with the world. This eternal household accessory has been used in many traditional home settings as a casual seating engagement.

Handcrafted by extraordinary artisans, the details along with the high-quality leather remains intact for many years just because they are beautifully carved in the leather that it is impossible that it loses its grip.

Moroccan Leather Poufs come from the larger portion of the Moroccan leather industry, an industry that has covered a lasting history of high-quality leather. One of the leather tanning industry that is well-known for manufacturing leather, is situated in Fez, a city of Morocco. In these industries each worker has a different job lined up, no two workers are doing the same job. On visiting Fez, one can usually witness the activities the workers are bustling with.


The leather used in the Moroccan Leather Poufs is taken from the goat leather most of the time, along with this, camel, cow, and sheep leather are also some options that are used for the same purpose. Every leather that is used in making the Moroccan poufs are rich in color and buttery in texture. This is one of the many other reasons that put the Moroccan poufs apart from the million others available in the market at even cheaper prices and many other qualities.


How to know which Moroccan Pouf is the right choice for you?

Moroccan Poufs greatly vary in terms of sizes, colors, and designs. To know which Moroccan Pouf will work best for you depends on the style you want to add to your house plus, the work you want to take from your Moroccan Pouf.

Moroccan Leather Poufs are multifunctional and are used for a myriad of reasons that we already have mentioned above. For a recall, they are used for seating as an Ottoman, and also for giving your home a cultural vibe a little bit plus, they are placed in the living rooms for decoration to enhance the epitome of the traditional touch.

Moroccan Poufs come in a wide range of sizes as well, so if you want to add Moroccan Poufs as seating tool or as an ottoman, then you may need to have a larger sized Moroccan Pouf. These large-sized Moroccan Ottoman Poufs are used for decoration purpose as well.

Some of the Moroccan Poufs are decorated with complex and complicated designs and stitching, while many of them are left plain as the leather and stitching make the Moroccan Poufs lovely all the way themselves. The one you want to choose depends on where you have to put it, and of course, what style you prefer.

Moroccan Leather Poufs are not limited to one color as well. Starting from the rich leather brown to deep brown and deep black colors of leather with the varying stitches colors that fits the need of every environment.




How to take care of your Moroccan Poufs

It is crucial to keep the Moroccan Poufs with good care so they can stay with you as long as wish to. Moroccan leather poufs are so adorable when they are kept clean and fresh after years and years. The steps to care for these Moroccan poufs are too simple to keep up with. We have gathered for you some tips from which you can take good care of Moroccan poufs and by following them, you will extend their lives every time you follow them.


  • Use Microfiber cloth while dusting

It’s natural to have dust particles on the furniture as they come from the air and windy atmosphere most of the time. Make sure that you clean your dark shaded poufs time to time with a dry and mild textured cloth. There’s no need to scrub using harsh chemical detergents and solvents to keep them clean.


  • Use leather-safe products

To wipe off the grime, sometimes you need something more from just a dry soft cloth. If anything spills over your Moroccan Pouf, and you want to clean it with something that is not harsh, then make sure to use products that are leather-friendly. First try the product on a non-visible part of the pouf, to make sure that it doesn’t show any reaction. If it is good to work with, then read the label of the product first and use it accordingly.


  • Make sure to secure the quality with leather conditioner

It is an essential part to know when you are looking for ways to take care of your Moroccan poufs. Often times when you have kids at your home, spilling and sliding of the furniture become an everyday thing. For this, you have to use your cleaning products more often than usual. What happens then? Your Moroccan poufs can get scratches and the quality of the leather poufs fades away with time.

A few times of the year, it is necessary to use a leather conditioner on your Moroccan Leather Poufs. By doing this, your poufs leather will be protected from cracks and damages. Additionally, these conditioners will moisture the leather and lengthen the life of the material. Being the essential part of the maintenance, it also keeps the look of the leather newer for far longer.





  • Keep them away from heat and sunlight

If you want to keep the Moroccan Poufs in your outdoor seating arrangements, then make sure they are not placed somewhere that attracts heat or keep away from the spots where the sunlight approaches directly on your Moroccan poufs.

Heat and sunlight will cause your leather to lose its moisture and it can cause cracks in your leather poufs too. Moreover, sunlight can make your leather look tired and the natural shine and color of the leather may also fade away. Therefore, it is suggested not to keep your Moroccan Poufs under the sunlight or places with heat to minimize the mentioned risks.



Moroccan culture of household items has a rich history. Every piece from the Moroccan accessory is one of a kind and no two rugs, pillows, poufs, ottoman, or anything that comes from the artisans of Morocco are the same. They put effort and love into everything they make. So make your home beautiful from these Moroccan accessories and flaunt with style.