The intriguing tale of Bright Moroccan Rugs:

Bright Moroccan Rugs have dominated the world of rugs for a very long time now. The bright colored rugs are usually hand-knotted rugs made out of wool and the colors’ range is unimaginable. They are so aesthetically made yet their simplicity and relevance cannot be undermined.

The bright Moroccan rugs have a very large variety to offer. They deal in vintage themes along with new modernized design as well. Apart from being colorful the rugs are also made in neutral, undyed wool known as Beni Ourain Rugs which is often demanded by interior designers who are looking for options in their minimalist interior themes.

Bright Moroccan rugs are created in various designs. Some of the famous names of the designs are

These Bright Moroccan Rugs give that whimsy touch to the room. They generally uplift the mood of the room by standing out of the other furniture accessories due to their bright color and easy accessibility.

Bright Moroccan rugs are often considered as the must-have design or nament by design enthusiasts because they are handmade plus they are one of a kind. These statement-worthy masterpieces give the room special treatment. The tones are created with an extraordinary mixture of neutral tones as well as vibrant ones; creating distinctive and unique patterns every time. The Moroccan rugs are free-form designs that no two rugs can be exactly identical to one another.

The bright Moroccan rugs boast patterns that ooze out survival, symbolic fertility and the natural world of the handcrafted products – an art that is slowly diminishing from the face of the earth. These bright Moroccan rugs were initially made by the Berber Tribe of morocco. All the tribes had their own set of unique colors to make and sew the rugs.

Now there is a whole big industry of Moroccan rugs and the styles and designs range is simply unimaginable. These pieces are considered unique and new. The price range differs on the kind of wool used to create the rugs. The wool needs to be sturdy and strong to last the harshness of steps and feet along with the weather. The Moroccan rugs are said to be too long-lasting and durable as it almost takes months to create one masterpiece.

On average, a Bright Moroccan Rug will take months to be made, but at times because of the intricacy of the design; one rug might take years to be completed. The time allocation for the production of a Moroccan rug largely depends upon the time spent while weaving it daily, along with the size and the type of material being used.

There are different kinds of wool available to weave a Moroccan rug. The better the wool quality is; the more time it will take to be completed. At times more than one weaver weaves the rug together to complete it faster. The process is to thread the wool and then tie it up on every pile of the knot but this is a hefty task that requires a lot of stamina and time along with expertise.