Berber Rugs From Morocco – Why are they so Unique?

Berber Rugs from Morocco, a name of style, authenticity and the combination of symbols and patterns. Berber Rugs from Morocco become famous among people internationally due to their extra smooth and high-quality texture. Their quality is evident to the skills of the Berber weavers of tribal women who excel in all areas of Berber Rugs.

If you want to have your own Berber rugs from Morocco, then you must look over some exceptional features of the rug that makes them authentic and unique.

Why the Berber rugs from Morocco are unique?

Through the last centuries, Berber Rugs from Morocco have been evolved dramatically not in the Middle East but to almost every part of the world. Let’s hover over some of its feature to know what makes it unique.


  • Type of wool

In the Berber rugs from Morocco, the world’s finest wool is used that is presented on the planet. The pure wool is taken from the special kind of sheep who are grown at the Atlas Mountains and look after by the tribal people themselves. Some of the stories also mentioned that the wool is shredded from the head of the sheep as it is the softest part of the wool in those animals and is very rare and unique.


  • Easy to clean

Berber Rugs are one of those rugs that are hand-woven and made from all-natural materials that’s why they are so easy to clean. You can use any type of soap or detergent with cold water to wash them even with your hands, no need to be in the hassle of hiring an expensive professional carpet cleaner.


  • Natural dyes

To enhance the quality of the rug, all dyes are made naturally from Natural Materials. There’s a technique that Berber professionals use in the making of dyes for the rugs that need experience and a lot of time. These natural dyes play an essential part in elevating the quality of the rug being one of the reasons that make them unique.



  • Attractive styles and exotic designs

Berber Rugs from Morocco must come into the discussions when someone talks about designs and styles of rugs. People likely prefer them due to the natural hand-woven beauty and the attractive designs they possess. These designs and styles come with a great variety from the traditional vintage one to the modern patterns and vibrant colors so everyone can have the opportunity to get what they desire. 


 Berber rug

Final thoughts

Several reasons are there to choose Genuine Berber rugs from Morocco because of their multiple features and designs that are hard to resist. A high-quality product that suits your need and matches your style is everything that you can expect from these rugs as their numerous features telltale it themselves.

Berber Rugs from Morocco are preferred by the people of the world to add the luxury at their homes from which they get the chance to demonstrate the vibrant side of their personality.

Don’t think twice when all you need to have a classic vintage style for any space.