Visually pleasing, filled with symbolism, and vibrant colors. Moroccan rugs hold all that means. Another word for the Moroccan rugs is Berber rugs that represent the connection and origin of the monochromatic rugs.

The secret behind the name ‘Berber rugs’ is that all the Moroccan rugs are Berber rugs. This is because different Berber tribes of Morocco craft them and the rugs are mostly hand-woven. However, every tribe brings out its uniqueness in the designs by putting in a variety of colors and stories related to each region.

Hence, several types of Moroccan rugs are formed. Indigenous women of every Berber tribe uses the symbols and patterns in the rugs to define their stories of life and culture. And that’s where every rug is different from others.


Types of Moroccan Rugs

The techniques, thickness, patterns and even the weaving methods of the Moroccan rugs are totally dissimilar to the Turkish Area Rugs or Porcelain Area rugs. They solely brought out the variation in the rug community with unique designs and colors. As mentioned, different Berber tribes make different rugs so these rugs are popular with respect to their origin. For example, rugs created by the craftswomen of the Azilal tribe­ called Azilal rugs – rugs come from BeniOurain tribe, called BeniOurain rugs, etc.

But in the article today, we will talk specifically about Azilal Rugs.


Azilal Morocco Rugs

Originally created from the Atlas Mountains, the Azilal rugs hold popularity because of their asymmetric patterns and bold colors. Azilal rugs are thin-piled and single knotted rugs that are made from hundred percent fiber wool. Furthermore, the natural color of the wool (gotten from the sheepskin) stays unchanged to use as a base and for adding different colors to the rugs whereas, wool is dyed and tinted for weaving.

The rugs are the reflection of the tribal life of the women lives in the Atlas Mountains of the Azilal region. Through particular Berber symbols that are being transferred through generations for weaving the rugs, each masterpiece replicates the routine life and story of Azilal women.

The most common and popular themes of the Azilal rugs include maternity, birth, farming, and marriage. The techniques which Azilal women use in their weaving patterns differentiate from other Berber’s techniques, despite that they still are soft and comfortable in every aspect.

Although, people who get a chance to visit Morocco for vacation and tourist cannot resist visiting markets of Azilal to get these rugs in order to add a charismatic appearance to their monochromatic rooms. Additionally, Azilal rugs are also popular for the purpose that they get easily fit in the luggage without taking extra space. You just need to give it a nice fold and you are good to go.


Azilal rugs are undoubtedly a perfect way to enhance your living room and office’s interiors.

After reading the article if you are too excited to get your rug in front of your door, so you can search online for your best pick as plenty of sellers are there who provide online trade.